Criminal Defence in Berlin

Criminal defence in Berlin: „The earlier the better“ – this general rule is specifically significant on the field of criminal defence. Thus you should not hesitate to contact me if you are facing criminal proceedings. If you already have recieved official documents concerning your case you should definitely consult me immediately.


First, access to the records concerning your case is effectively realized by a lawyer only according to the german code of criminal procedure.

Second, usually you are a layman concerning German criminal proceedings while you’re face to face with professionals who obviously at least try to prosecute you. Sounds like you should be interested in a balance of power, shouldn’t you?

Third, it’s usually easier to avoid certain problems then to try to solve them after they happend. The best way to do so ist to get professional support with your legal problem immediately.

Three good reasons in my opinion to get some legal advice.

There is a 24/7 emergency call available if you, a relative, a friend or somone else you care of are in trouble right now.